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POPOL VUH - Albums
Spirit Of Peace

Spalax 14215
SPV 70252


LP 1983 Uniton U 015, Norway
LP 1987 Base U 015, Italy
CD 1992 Spalax 14215, France
CD 19?? IMS ?, Germany
CD 2004 SPV Recordings 085-70252 (digipack)

  1. Hand in hand (Fricke) 3:00
  2. They danced, they laughed, as of old (Fichelscher) 4:53
  3. Love, life, death (Fricke) 1:27
  4. The Christ is near (Fricke) 3:50
  5. Love-Love (Fricke) 5:24
  6. Behold, the drover summonds (Fricke) 5:55
  7. Agape-Agape (Fricke) 4:56 01:17, 1216 KB (MP3)
  8. Why do i still sleep (Fricke) 8:00

Personel: Florian Fricke (piano, vocal, perc.), Daniel Fichelscher (guitars, vocal, perc.), Conny Veit (guitar), Renate Knaup (vocal).

Co-worker: Frank Fiedler, Jan Lorck-Schierning, Nina
Recording ans mixing: Stefan Massimo Jauch, Peter Kramper, Angie Melitoupulpos
Bavaria-Musikstudio, Munich, June-October 82
Produced by Florian Fricke / Popol Vuh
Cover Design: Bengt Olsson

Tracklist of SPV (085-70252) re-edition:

  1. Hand in hand
  2. They danced, they laughed, as of old
  3. Love, Life, Death
  4. The Christ is near
  5. Love-Love
  6. Behold, the drover summonds
  7. Agape-Agape
  8. Why do i still sleep
    Bonus Track:
  9. Circledance 2:34



15th album, from 1983, ("Love Love"). Some similarities to Sei Still, and more gently roving guitar-flow tracks that are hard to ignore.

Forced Exposure catalogue

The further this band got into its career the more likely a fan was to run into previously released material on later albums. More than half of this album sounds like deja vu to me. With a title that translates into "Love Love" you can guess that only the most gentle and pastoral numbers would make the release. There are a number of Fichelscher saturated pieces here, but also a fair number of Tantric works (makes sense). The album credits all the songs to being recorded and mixed in '82, so it's possible that previous songs had been slightly altered and re-recorded. All in all it's a serene and bountiful album, but not one I'd start with. -GW

New Sonic Architecture catalogue

Agape Agape includes almost ritualistic chanting at times. A good introduction to Popol Vuh for beginners, due to the variety, styles & moods.

Cranium Music catalogue

The first half of Agape-Agape reveals the side of Vuh that dances in the shadows of a monastery, with Gregorian chant vocals and booming, almost processional percussion sounds. An austerity of mood that I haven't heard yet in other Popol Vuh efforts, but still retaining that devotional aspect of their music. The one exception to this is Fichelscher's lone songwriting contribution, "They Danced, They Laughed, As of Old," which is an extended reworking of "Kleiner Krieger," originally off the album Einsjäger & Siebenjäger. The remainder of the album generally follows familiar territory with PV's well-worn style, but since many of the songs are constrained to being jams in one key, I find earlier albums to be more dynamic and interesting. That said, my favorite song on the album is the title track, with a trance-inducing chant weaving a beautiful melody like incense through a prayer room. The final track is also quite effective; although Fricke hangs back with throughout the album, here he steps out of the shadows on the piano. A worthy effort, but probably not one I'd start out with if exploring the band's discography.

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