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(lyrics Anderson/music Vangelis)
Born from the sky,
We are born to this land.
From a dream, so far away,
I was sent to your heart.
With the stars shining,
We are asked to live as one love.
Never forget, this is.

Trust me to be singlet,   (Trust me to be secret)
We will sing on the days.
When each voice will be a witness,
Each will sing every way.
There'll be no more empty promises.
We are turning a special page of life.
I will be the one to hold you
In this everlasting dance of love.

Hold me, now forever.
I can remember when
You and I came through the winter.
Now it's summer again.
Be mine, be my love, be my guide, together
We'll be as one, you can count on my life.

Born from the sky.


Words of discouragement disappear
In your clear eyes.
Never change, never doubt
What you mean to my life.
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(lyrics Anderson/music Vangelis)
You me, me you, when will we be,
LOve goes on, no hurry, tell me,
That I know whatever has to be.

Since dreams have their reasons anyway
All the good love stories, have their glory
Yours the winds flowing on and on and on and on
And on and on

Let the winter winds of old
Take the water to the sea
As the maan turned into light
Like the forest of the west
They were caarrying the fire
Like the boats that sail the waves
In the gardens of belief
Meditate us turn the ky
For if trouble shares your tears
Rereturning once again and again and again and again
Rereturning once again and again and again and again
For the many to be sure
That's why children seem to know the reason why
True knowledge of believing is believing
I'll find a truth and then believe it to the end
It seems so easy as my life and I begin to know why

Are we to everything a play within a play.
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(lyrics Anderson/music Vangelis)
If you just take my sense of freedom
If you just take away my home
You can't ever hope to win me
This I'll tell you so sure

There is strength in the common people
For the people is all we really are
Young and old, the wisest and the lowly
Each indeed is 'Holy' in the 'Light of Love'

When the 'Word' comes
I will be waiting
Like a dove that shines he prays for peace
Some have waited what seems a lifetime
Some are waiting now to be released

For the moment we have this freedom
We will choose the way our hearts will move
All the people lost will find their way
Give that chance today
Hear and I will pray

No not for nothing hearts will not be broken
As long as we are open
Our hearts will make us free

Free for the Earth man
Free for the millions
In the 'Glory' all will come to 'Truth'
No aggression, that we leave behind us
To be replaced
By 'You'

For tomorrow another morning
For tomorrow another day
In our children there's that sense of freedom
Help them use it wisely
I will pray