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(lyrics Anderson/music Vangelis)
Out in the woods we play our songs
And travel through the woodlands together
In the light of heaven
And the silence of the world.

Keeping in touch with the sun
Keeping it for everyone

Latter day dreams that come your way
Will gather in the light

Everything about today just mellows
In the ligght: in your eyes.

I think about silent list
Drowned this summer, travel  light
All the deeds and the candlelight
But there is no explaining it
Let the weary come around-one more time-
One more time
Let the weary come one more time around.

I should have guessed that things
Were getting out of hand, the other day
When you told me that you'd gone and left
Your father's ways behind
and you thought that you, couldn't understand him
Well, he didn't really answer the dreams
That you'd planned
So you chased around, all those times,
That come between you, yourself and yourself,
One more time, one more time, one more time
Did you have to think about it, one more time
Put yourself under pressure one more time,
One more time.

Things are looking better now
I heard you say the other day that you knew
So many times I've tried to understand,
We go through

Then again it's the morning light
That can catch my heart aflame
Just the thought of your sweet face

Over and over again
Over and over again
Over and over again

Over and over and over and over and over again.
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(lyrics Anderson/music Vangelis)
Outside of this inside of that
The memory lingers so right
Completely as that
We've loved a long time, be my friend, I need you

Inside of this and outside of that
There's so much more to finding out
How we forever simply feel the way the wayward-winds
                       that hide the storms at night
Like the winter came, it changed our lives
We were very merry to be there
Our love, get used to being this way
Our love, once again a story really true creates a sound
                                  so good-That it's true

Outside of this
Inside of that
There are words that come with time
Like love songs they seem self written
So true, they seem so true
I work a moments time
And feel this is one of lifes mysteries
Bringing a smile
'Cos I know wot it does to you
So I'm trying to pass it thru
Trying for you

Countless variations of the memory the state
The mere emotion of getting round
Crazy understandings of the way we tilt the light
But it shines when we make the sound
Don't live by mistakes
We can dance to your tune
But there's this whole understanding
And it's coming I guess-I know-
I hope that you can get into this
To this
I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We were there the beginning of time

I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We were there the beginning of time