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Tantric Songs/Hosianna Manta
POPOL VUH - Compilations
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CD 1993 Milan 73138 35655-2, USA
CD 1993 Edition Milan Music 74321 13914-2, Germany (german song titles with english translation below)

  1. Song Of The High Mountains (Fricke) 6:20
  2. Pages From The Book Of Daring (Fricke) 3:54
  3. Dance Of The Chassidim (Fricke) 3:20
  4. Keepers Of The Threshold (Fricke) 3:35
  5. Sing, For Song Drives Away The Wolves (Fricke) 4:14
  6. Little Warrior (Fichelscher) 1:04
  7. Sweet Repose (Hieronymus) 1:00 0:59, 935 KB (MP3)
  8. You Shouldn't Awake Your Beloved Before It Pleases Her * 19:26

* Original Title: Einsjäger & Siebenjäger (Prod. 1974)

Personnel: Florian Fricke (piano), Daniel Fischelscher (guitar, drums), Djong Yun (vocal), Alois Gromer (sitar).

All digital instruments by Guido Hieronymus.
Remixed & recorded by Guido Hieronymus at New African Studio, Munich, Dec. 1992.
Produced by: Florian Fricke & Frank Fielder for Editions Milan Music, Paris.
Cover Design: Frank Fiedler, Florian Fricke.
Art Direction: Judy Kaganowich
Package Supervision: John Hudson
Milan Executive Supervision: Emmanuel Chamboredon & Toby Pieniek


Booklet notes

Where you see the lights, what is there?
Love tears, misery, laughing and singing : man!
When he sings, he follows the path of his heart.
When he sings, he drives away the wolves.
The wolf is a shadow of man. He howls in
the morning and in the evening.
We humans have the ability to sing.
This strikes the wolf as an encounter
of the supernatural.
So he retreats. Will he ever become a friend?

- Florian Fricke

WHAT IS POPOL VUH? (Pronounced Poe-Pull Voo)
Popol Vuh is the name of the sacred book of the Quiche Indians
of Guatemala. Popol means union, gathering; VUH is a GOd name,
a mystical word. It means ferility, light, sun. Litterally translated
it means: "the place where our spirits assemble".



This release is a collection of the earliest of Popol Vuh's work, all newly remixed by Florian Fricke. These are classic tracks that were written and released between 1973 and 1976, including brilliant collaborations with Tangerine Dream *. The album also contains several new compositions which were previously unavailable in the U.S.

Milan Records catalogue
*) This is not true [MGr].

This release is a collection of the earliest of Popol Vuh's work made between the years 1973 and 1976. Also included are several new songs, all previously unreleased in the U.S. Popol Vuh translated in English means: "the place where our spirits assemble". catalogue

Musically updated version of Coeur du Verre soundtrack

Nowhere in all of Popol Vuh's releases is East Indian fusion more apparent, and more wonderful, than on this album and its earlier incarnation. On this release, however, some of the purity of that earlier vision has been lost and the tracks overlaid with keyboard harmonics that I personally feel detract from -- rather than add to -- the beauty of the compositions themselves.
These are dancing pieces (not pieces to dance to necessarily) full of worshipful wonder for the mysteries of Nature.
It gets 4 stars rather than 5 because this is a remastered, updated, rocked-up re-release of the killer Popol Vuh soundtrack album for Werner Herzog's Coeur de Verre. On the other hand, it does contain a bonus track from Einsjager & Sebensjager.
My recommendation is to buy the Coeur de Verre soundtrack in preference to this CD.
At 43:04 it is about average length for a Popol Vuh CD, thanks to the addition of the track from Einsjager (which accounts for 19:26 of the total).

Susan R. Matthews from Seattle, Washington , September 16, 1998