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POPOL VUH - Compilations
Sing, For Song Drives Away The Wolves



LP 1991 Celestial Harmonies 13006, USA
CD 1992 Celestial Harmonies 13006-2, USA
CD 1992 Spalax 14215, France

  1. Mantra of the Touching of the Earth 2:15
  2. Mantra of the Touching of the Heart 1:49
  3. Angel of the Air Part One 2:39
  4. Angel of the Air Part Two 2:55
  5. In the Realm of Shadow 2:12
  6. Wanderer Through the Night 4:08
  7. Listen He Who Ventures 5:59
  8. Brothers of Darkness - Sons of Light 16:43
  9. Ah! 4:46
  10. Kyrie 5:25
  11. Hosianna-Mantra 10:19
  12. Departure 3:14
  13. Blessing 6:08
  14. Devotion I 0:44
  15. Not High in Heaven 6:22
  16. Devotion II 0:45

Personel: Florian Fricke (piano, harpsichord, vocals), Djong Yun (vocals), Daniel Fichelscher (guitars, percussion), Al Gromer (sitar), Robert Eliscu (oboe), Ted de Jong (tambura), Klaus Wiese (tambura), Conny Weit (guitar), Susan Goetting (oboe), Fritz Sonnleitner (violin).

Mixing: Peter Kramper
Remastering: Ulrich Kraus
Artwork: Victor Kalin
Design: Johanna Shields
Enineer: Wolfgang Löper
Engineer: Rudolf Wohlschläger



Popol Vuh's TANTRIC SONGS and HOSIANNA MANTRA are recognized as classics in the field of contemplative music. Popol Vuh has long been praised for their ability to blur the boundaries of time and space through a unique hybrid of ceremonial styles from around the world. TANTRIC SONGS and HOSIANNA MANTRA complement each other perfectly in their creation of modern ritualistic soundscapes. From the evocative, bass chants of Mantra of the Touching of the Earth to the primal drumming of In the Realm of Shadow, TANTRIC SONGS merges traces of classical refinement with feelings conjured up by ancient religious rites.
HOSIANNA MANTRA encompasses a series of gracefully understated chants. With pastel piano textures, spacious melodies from guitar and violin, and the angelic vocals of Djong Yun, Popol Vuh distills the sublime nature of Christian liturgical music from the dogma normally associated with it. As critic Keith Armstrong wrote, HOSIANNA MANTRA is "a hypnotic work that leaves its echo on the air...relentlessly drawing one away from one's surroundings and into the space in which thoughts become musical sounds and words are experienced as feelings and nuances."

Celestial Harmonies catalogue

A meditational feast halfway between religious/classical trance music and Germanic space music of the time, this reissue of 1972's Hosianna Mantra and 1979's Die Nacht der Seele - Tantric Songs on Celestial Harmonies includes some of the most beautiful music Popol Vuh ever recorded. Though the electronics had been forsaken, the music is still quite evocative -- "Mantra of the Touching of the Earth" and "Angel of the Air" (both from Tantric Songs) present slow-moving piano passages, punctuated by sitar and tambura. Hosianna Mantra includes much beautiful work by Fricke on piano and harpsichord, Conny Veit on electric guitar, and Djong Yun reciting Biblical passages on "Kyrie," "Blessing" and the title track. Most of the best new age music was recorded before the term was even coined, and these two albums easily hit that mark.

Jenna Woolford, All-Music Guide

This twofer, unfortunately, is as close as we can currently get to the original vinyl release of Tantric Songs. Although approximately 70% of the original Tantric Songs are included here, the excerpting and rearrangement of them greatly waters down the impact of the original release. Nevertheless I recommend this; if one can get close enough to see the mountain, it is perhaps better than never seeing it at all. Tantric Songs is *the* soundtrack to the realm of tantric sex/meditation/personal ritual if there ever was one. The songs span a variety of styles - some are deep drumming, bring up the roots of the earth, others celestial songmaking of sweet guitars and sighing voices - yet the net effect is that of a quieting, stilling, and touching of the deep spirit. Hosianna Mantra, the second half of the CD, completely pales in comparison; but it is perhaps a sensible way to come down from the intensity and emotional impact of Tantric Songs.

Sandy Santra, 22 May 1993, Hyperreal Music Archive Info

Single best value CD for Popol Vuh fans

At 76:31, this is the single best value for Popol Vuh fans you will find anywhere. It reproduces, apparently in entirety, two Popol Vuh albums, Tantric Songs (also Die Nacht der seele) and Hosianna Mantra.
The tantric songs are fairly short pieces that present a variety of meditative environments. I can't speak to any technical details that they may embody, not being a practitioner of tantric yoga. Called songs, the vocals are by and large wordless tones or chants with the punctuation of electronic keyboard music and effects.
Having just listened to Die nacht der seele and this CD back-to-back I am fairly sure that the same material is on both CDs, and would therefore advise against purchasing the former separately (unless like me you gotta have it all).
There are several "musical references" to music contained on other albums, most notably the Nosferatu soundtrack albums (the title track of the Bruder des schattens is quoted in its entirety). If you like this stuff as much as I do the quoting won't bother you. If you don't you won't find so much of it that you may not be as satisfied...
To date, as far as I know, Hosianna Mantra has not been separately released on CD, and so this is the only place you can get that material. Hosianna Mantra contains a higher content of female vocals and actual sung words than other Popol Vuh albums -- more like their Seligpreisung, Sei Stille, Hohenlied Salamos, and Einsjager albums than the soundtrack albums and related material.
It's good stuff. It's rather light, for Popol Vuh, in a sense that a room in a house in the mountains with east-facing windows might be bright on a winter's morning. The Hosianna Mantra material may lack the deep grounding sound of the Tantric Songs and other material but certainly represents an interesting aspect of the group's music.

Susan R. Matthews from Seattle, Washington , September 16, 1998


This CD is a brilliant compilation of Popol Vuhs work. I love it! It takes you to a realm outside of space-time, to Tartaros, the shadowy Underworld ruled by Hades. Here you are privy to a preview of the shadowy existence that awaits. But just when despair seems to be too heavy, the light and love of Sons of Light comes through and redeems you. This is the music of transcendence. This is the music of the soul. Buy it now! Hades command you!

4dance-music Customer Review #1


Hosianna Mantra is truly a wondrous album. The first three tracks (making up the original side one - remember when albums had side one and side two?) are incredible - the womans voice is orgasmically beautiful and the fluid flowing sublime electric guitar is mystically magical - I never knew an electric guitar could sound that rapturous and carry a melody along so well. The remaining tracks (side two if youre following closely) are more subdued, but again very lovely - some of the best ambient music ever before there was a genre for it. Im also quite fond (not as much as Hosianna Mantra, but who cares) of Tantric songs - an album from a few years later, thats very peaceful and sedate, yet intense and edgy as well - you cant go wrong with this CD.

4dance-music Customer Review #2