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POPOL VUH - Albums

Spalax, SPV

Original Soundtrack des Film von Werner Herzog

aka: Coeur de verre "Singet, Denn der Gesang Vertreibt die Wölfe..."
aka: Heart of Glass

LP 1977 Brain 0060.079, Germany
LP 1977 Egg 900.536, France (Spain: 17.1410)
LP 1977 Egg 900.536, UK (different cover?)
CD 1992 Spalax 14214, France
CD 1993 Milan ?
CD 2005 SPV Recordings 085-70182 (digipack)

  1. Engel der Gegenwart (F.Fricke) 8:15
  2. Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit (F.Fricke) 4:17
  3. Das Lied von den hohen Bergen (F.Fricke) 4:08
  4. Hüter der Schwelle (F.Fricke) 3:45 01:04, 997 KB (MP3)
  5. Der Ruf (D.Fichelscher) 4:41
  6. Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe (F.Fricke) 4:30
  7. Gemeinschaft (F.Fricke) 3:47

Personel: Florian Fricke (piano), Daniel Fichelscher (guitars, percussion), Mathias von Tippelskirch (flute), Al Gromer (sitar)

Produced at Bavaria Studio Munich.
Engineer: Hardy Bank, Frank Fiedler, Robert Wedel
Produced by: Florian Fricke & Renate Knaup

Tracklist of SPV (085-70182) re-release:

  1. Engel der Gegenwart 8:18
  2. Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit 4:19
  3. Das Lied von den hohen Bergen 4:12
  4. Hüter der Schwelle 3:47
  5. Der Ruf 4:42
  6. Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe 4:15
  7. Gemeinschaft 3:50
    Bonus Tracks (formerly unreleased):
  8. Auf dem Weg - On the Way (alternative Guitar Version) 4:42
  9. Hand in Hand in Hand (Agape Guitar Version) 5:44



10th album, a soundtrack to Hertzog's fantastic Heart of Glass (also known on LP as Herz Aus Glas & Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wolfe...). Perhaps the archetypal Popol Vuh record: instrumental waves of sound pools, made up of Fichelscher's hypnotizing guitar, Fricke's rhythmically stunning piano, and crashing percussion, all performed in a meditative, sacred-minded atmosphere of elevated consciousness.

Forced Exposure catalogue

Asbjornsen (author of Cosmic Dreams At Play) dubs this "Raga Rock", which I suppose makes some sense, due not only to Al Gromer's sitar but also to the indubitably Indianish flavor of Fichelscher's guitar. On the other hand, Ragas are by nature lengthy, drawn-out affairs, whereas Vuh keep the songs concise and uncomplicated in this soundtrack to Werner Herzog's classic picture. From reflective tone-poems to almost bombastic anthems, every track is a miniature epic of emotional, religious expression. Heights are scaled, and the air gets thinner. -MM

New Sonic Architecture catalogue

This is the soundtrack to a movie by Werner Herzog. Basically a continuation of Letzte Tag .. but completely instrumental and with tranquil Indian flavoured pieces, with Gromer's sitar included.

Cranium Music catalogue

One of several soundtracks Florian Fricke composed for the films of Werner Herzog, Coeur de Verre (Heart from Glass, 1976) is one of the true masterpieces from Popol Vuh. Utilizing East Indian classical music as its starting point, Fricke and Daniel Fichelscher (guitars and percussion), with help from Alois Gromer on sitar and flutist Mattias Tippelskirch, have recorded one of the most blissed-out works in the band's history. Fricke's concentration on nearly painfully slowly developing themes (yes, even slower than usual) is tempered by the sheer reliance on transcendent euphoria in the processional tempos. The purposeful control of dynamics is necessary because of the deep emotional and spiritual connotations in the music. Composed to the images on the screen, the original version of "Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves" and the redone "Geimenschaft" appear here and close the album. Indeed they are its highlights, but that is only after a buildup that demands release after 45 minutes. Many would argue for one of the choral vocal works like Hosianna Mantra or Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN as the band's flat-out masterpiece, but in its purely instrumental incarnation this one is unquestionably Popol Vuh's watermark. There is so much beauty here, it tenderly breaks the heart over and over again, seemingly effortlessly.

Thom Jurek, All Music Guide