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POPOL VUH - Albums
City Raga



LP 1991 Milan A 808, France
CD 1991 Milan CD CH 808, Switzerland
CD 1991 Milan 35615-2
CD 1991 Milan 262 061, France
MC 1992 Milan (BMG)
CD 19?? RCA 35615, USA

  1. For You and Me (Florian Fricke / arr. Guido Hieronymus and Popol Vuh) 5:20 01:07, 1065 KB (MP3)
  2. Wind of the Stars in Their Eyes (Anne-Marie O'Farrell / arr. Guido Hieronymus and Popol Vuh) 3:10
  3. Little Bazaari (Florian Fricke / arr. Guido Hieronymus and Popol Vuh) 7:45
  4. Compassion (Florian Fricke / arr. Popol Vuh and Guido Hieronymus) 5:00
  5. When Love is Calling You (Daniel Fichelscher, lyrics by Florian Fricke) 4:15
  6. In Your Eyes (Guido Hieronymus) 0:55
  7. OM Mani Padme Hum 1 (Florian Fricke and Guido Hieronymus) 1:10
  8. OM Mani Padme Hum 2 (Florian Fricke) 2:47
  9. OM Mani Padme Hum 3 (Florian Fricke) 4:33
  10. OM Mani Padme Hum 4 (Florian Fricke) 5:18
  11. For You (Florian Fricke / arr. Guido Hieronymus and Popol Vuh) 2:05

Personel: Florian Fricke (piano), Renate Knaup-Aschauer (vocals), Daniel Fischelscher (guitar), Guests: Guido Hieronymus (keyboards, guitar), Ann-Marie O'Farell (Irish harp).

Recorded at G/H-New African Studio and Sound-Fabrik, Munich, from January to April 1991.
Produced: Popol Vuh for Milan Records
Executive Producers: Florian Fricke and Frank Fiedler
Sound Supervision: Guido Hieronymus and Frank Fiedler


Booklet essay

Remarks about: "For You and Me"
Music: concert first, compassion, then elevation, off and on.

   We have it difficult to realize that we are as human beings both - tangibly - individuals and yet an entity intimely intricated, as a human kind, whatever the colour of our skin. While policy and religions are bound to generate barriers and divisions unceasingly (then) it is all the more the distnctive vocation of art to intervene as a unifying factor of cohesion, as it is - only outwardly omnipotent - potential.

   Music - namely : popular music - most particularly has devoted itself to merging the stylistic trends deriving from the most various cultures, ... bringing about what we already know nowadays under the concept of "World music".
   While working at "For You and Me" it was thus not only an attractive, enjoyable, but also a - set against this background a judicious and relevant duty to reconcile seemingly discrepant contributions, associating for instance an antique Irish theme with modern western electronic ("Wind of the Stars in Their Eyes"), or setting a musical motif from the high Himalayan mountains against the spirit of african music ("For You and Me").
   Music is likely to express compassion. The production of "For You and Me" began on January 17th, the very day wen war broke out *.
   The music of "Little Bazaar", ancestral Popol Vuh music, agreed with the typical string-players' music peculiar to the orient coffee houses, is a dedication to the pain of the innocent.
   Nevertheless : it is just when the spirit of destruction is at its utmost that it is all the more indispensable to dedicate oneself to the spirit of Peace :

"When Love calls (on) you
Turn back and follow her"
   The cyclus "Om Mani Padme Hum" appeals to the tiny precious in us : the conscience : ours (innermost), set against the world.

Florian Fricke
*) Florian means Persian Gulf War [MGr].


Released in 1992, For You and Me gathers musical elements from the Himalayas, Ireland, Greece and Africa. The songs are an instrumental base of New Age/World Music with transcendent vocals performed by singer Renate. The title track sets a musical motif from the Himalayan mountains against the rhythms of African music.

Milan Records catalogue

Mixing elements of world music with breathless guitars and inspired vocals, For You and Me re-establishes the German group Popol Vuh as a band to be reckoned with. Group - founder Florian Fricke holds down the center of creativity, in synch with Daniel Fichelscher on guitar and the stirring vocals of Renate Knaup-Aschauer as they freely mix styles from India, Africa, Tibet, and South America among soaring passages and lilting reggae beats. This surprisingly melodic music tends to linger on and stay right with you in the manner of classic pop innovation.

Backroads Music / Heartbeats

This is the latest release from the German group who have been making music since the early seventies. Their music combines elements from folk music, rock, and new age, with religious overtones. Rather than describe this CD in my words, I will excerpt from the sleeve notes, which convey the effect very well " ... merging the styles of various cultures ... elements from the Himalayas, Ireland, Greece, and Africa ... instrumental base of new age/world/folk music with transcendent vocals ... eclectic mix of instruments, rhythms, and arrangements ...".

Dirk Evans

It's kind of funny how a band that has been around in the German progressive scene for quite some time, gets one of their albums distributed by BMG and are re-positioned as a New Age band. At least that's where I found this CD, nestled in between Kitaro and Yanni in the New Age section. Popol Vuh's newest album is much like their earlier stuff, but with a greater lean towards "world" music as described in the booklet. Renate Knaup-Aschauer, formerly of the psychedelic/prog band Amon Duul II, sings aon about half of the songs and her voice is a powerful as ever. I swear I've heard Track #5 somewhere else, before, but the liner notes say all songs by Fricke. The music is very relaxing, not unlike the other Vuh albums I have, i.e. Seligpreisungen and Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte.
For those unfamiliar with the Popl Vuh sound, its very shimmery and repetitive at times, with some melodic interludes, and spacy vocals. The CDs referenced above are much more guitar-effect heavy than this release, and there is very little soloing except by the harp on one song and Fricke's piano on maybe two.
The CD is only about 40 minutes long (which is pretty long for a Popol Vuh release -- the two that I have are barely 30 minutes each) and many of the songs are only a minute or two each.
I like it a lot and am currently using the music as a pre-sleep relaxation medium. In other words, I put it on at low volume around midnight until its soothing power lulls me to sleep.

06.1993, Ken Lang on