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(Rick Wakeman)
By horse, by rail, by land, by sea, our journey starts
Two men incensed by one man's journey from the past
In Iceland, where the mountain stood with pride
They set off with their guide
To reach the mountain side

Roped as one for safety through the long descent
Into the crater of volcanic rock they went
Look up from our telescopic lair,
One star for us to share,
We continue on our prayer.

Crystals of opaque quartz, studded limpid tears,
Forming magic chandeliers, lighting blistered galleries.

**Admiring shades of lava, which imperceptibly passed
from reddish brown to bright yellow, their way lit by crystals
appearing as lighted globes, they continued through the lava
gallery which gently sloped until they reached the intersection
of two roads.  Without hesitation, Professor Liddenbrook chose
the eastern tunnel.  And the journey continued, through a succession
of arches appearing before them as if they were the isles of a
Gothic cathedral.  The walls were enhanced with impressions
of rock weeds, and mosses from the Silurian epoch.**


**The eastern route they had taken had come to a dead end.
With three day's walk back to the fork to find Arnie Saclosin's [Arne Saknussemm's]
original route, they found their water rations were limited
to one day.  Knowing their only chance of finding water was
on that route, they set off for the fork, and there, finally,
they fell, almost lifeless on the third day.  After sleep, they
continued down the other tunnel in their quest for water.  And
while searching on his own, Hans, the guide, heard the sound
of water thundering behind a granite wall, and with a pick axe,
attacked the wall so as to allow a stream of boiling water to
enter and cool in their tunnel.  Not only had they found life in
the water, but they had also found a flowing guide to the centre
of the earth.  They called the stream the Hansbath.**


**Replenished with the water, the journey continued with haste,
but somehow they found themselves separated.  Professor Liddenbrook's
nephew, Axel, found himself alone.  His mind was seized with
unparalleled fear, and he saw memories of home flashing before
him.  His fiance, Grauben.  His house and friends in Hamburg.
He saw hallucinations of all the incidents of the journey.  And
unworthy as he felt, he knelt in fervent prayer.  And then in
panic he ran blindly through a tunnel, only to reach a dead end,
where he fell panting for breath.  In the darkness, he cried.
Voices.  Voices.  Voices.  He heard voices.  He heard his uncle's voice.
Due to the shape of the gallery and the conducting power of the rocks,
his uncle's voice was uncannily  traveling around the walls.  And by
means of their chronometers, they discovered they were four miles
apart.  So Axel set about the task of rejoining the Professor and
their guide.**