Foros Timis Ston Greko
(A Tribute To El Greco)
limited edition

see the unlimited, commercial edition (1998)
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Warner Music
Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis
Moserrat Caballe - soprano on Movement III
Konstantinos Paliatsaras - tenor on Movement V

Music from this album was composed by Vangelis to help the National Gallery of Art in Athens to purchase El Greco's (Dominico Theocopoulos) St. Peter from the British Art Gallery.
This is a limited edition album. There are only 3000 copies made. Each CD is personally, hand autographed by Vangelis in gold ink and includes a book about El Greco. The price of this is 33,000 Greek drachmas (that is approximately 100 US dollars) and can only be obtained at the National Gallery in Athens.
A commercial, limitless version is released with three additional tracks.

1 Vangelis: El Greco Movement I No lyrics (Movement I on the 'commercial edition') 10:08
2 Vangelis: El Greco Movement II No lyrics (Movement II on the 'commercial edition') 5:25
3 Vangelis: Reprise 1990-1999 Vangelis: El Greco Movement III Lyrics not available (Movement IV on the 'commercial edition') 6:26
4 Vangelis: El Greco Movement IV No lyrics (Movement VIII on the 'commercial edition') 9:46
5 Vangelis: Reprise 1990-1999 Vangelis: El Greco Movement V Lyrics not available (Movement VI on the 'commercial edition') 8:12
6 Vangelis: El Greco Movement VI No lyrics (Movement IX on the 'commercial edition') 11:52
7 Vangelis: El Greco Movement VII No lyrics (Movement X on the 'commercial edition') 7:00