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Mental medication
Sweet music's conversation
Play for all creation here

Melody fair.
Lost in contemplation
Drown'd in medication                 {Drown'd in meditation}   (!)
Need your inspiration near.
When I'm alone
I remember
Your truth is lasting                 {Truth is lasting}

With the sun in your eyes
And a simple disguise
You fooled me
Strange how your calling is clear

>From the sound of your voice
You don't give me no choice
You move me
   [You prove me]
Deep lies desire for your quick'ning fire

It's a hell of a ride                 {Well it's a hell of a ride}
When your courage inside
Deserts you
Clear though the calling may be......
In a terrible way
You continue to say
You need me
Show me the way through your dark red door

Mental Medication
Music's Conversation
Need Your Inspiration Near
Melody Fair