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Black clouds moving gray sky to thunder
Kinetic sunrise fever and blood
Fire and water element anger
Horizon melting to blood

By The Light of Day
By The Light of Day

Silent wheel advancing years
Power and agony growing fears         {Power and glory growing fears}
Love's a dream some pretend           {Love's a dream that some pretend}
Accelerates an early end              {Accelerates at an early end}

By The Light of Day
By The Light of Day
Don't tell me that
 the wages of sin are for real
The writings on the wall              {Writing on the wall}
(What's) the score what's the deal?
Don't wonder we can't see             {No wonder we can't see}
 (thru) the wood for the trees        {(thru) the wood thru the trees}
No perfume we design
 can ever veil the sickness on the breeze

By The Light of Day
In the Dead of Night