Thanks a lot to all those people who helped me to create and improve Green Pages sending me info I couldn't find by myself or correcting errors.

They are:

Luc Creten from Belgium for ELP info
Brian Currin from South Africa for ABWH, Deep Purple, ELP, Pink Floyd and Yes info and some inspirations
Piotr Cygan from USA for ELP info
Törley Dezsö from Hungary for ELP info
Robert Drózd from Poland for Yes and Jon Anderson info
Hannes Fachbach from Austria for a huge list of high resolution CD covers
Michał Greupner from Poland for Budgie, ELP, Genesis and Yes info
Janusz Groth from Poland for ABWH, King Crimson and Yes info
Rafał Kukla from Poland for Sting info
Nickolay Ninov from Bulgaria for Robert Plant, Queen and Vangelis info
Grzegorz Puchalski from Poland for Rainbow info
Tomasz Słaby from Poland for Blackmore's Night, Jon Lord and Rainbow info
Paweł ¦wirek from Poland for Genesis and King Crimson info
Andrzej Trybulski from Poland for Deep Purple and Van Halen info
Jan Tuzel from Poland for ELP info
Piotr Tworowski from Poland for Camel and Dream Theater info
Jakub W±sik from Poland for King Crimson info
Marek Wolan from Poland for Dream Theater info

Forgive me if I missed anybody :-)

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