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Eve took Adam by the apple tree
Adam said Eve, what you got for me?
Eve said Adam baby, try this, it's good
God said, oh me, there goes the neighborhood
Snake slithered off to have a laugh with mother
All I can say is it's all up for Grabs.

All I can Say Is it's all Up For Grabs (x3)
... Up For Grabs (x2)

Narcissist started into a (?) pool
Transformed to a flower by a fate so cruel
Nimrod then built the tower of Babylon...Babylon
Now it's always the rock he chose to build it on
Someone up there was keeping the tab
All I can say is it's all Up For Grabs.

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Look at yourselves, ye people
Fighting on like children
With crafts forgotten in your limbs
Why not turn your hands to them

Look at yourselves, ye nations
Warring on like hostiles
With your world in your palms
Dont you know this will never do

On a map this veer in the road
Id like to see
This veer in the road:
The Uranium Century

Look at yourselves, ye beings
Stepping from branch to angel
With waxen wings tward the sun
Saying, "This is the only way to fly."

Id like to know which mushroom
It will be
The lightning shows
The Uranium Century

Shadows of shadows on a wall
Is all I see
This star above the wall:
The Uranium Century