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In the night within your eyes
Where blackness tells no lie
A hand was seen to fall
As it reached up for the sky.

All fingers had a ring
And each with nine stones set
Around. a halo shone
where truth and beauty met.

The first ring made of clay
Is old and cracked and worn
The stones are loose and rattle
Like a window in a storm.

The next ring of fire
That ticks around each gem
The centre glows with molten gold
That dies and lives again.

The third ring's watery flow
Is deep and clear and green
Jewels like sunny islands
Reflecting in a stream.

The fourth rings with the wind
As Chinese bells are blow
All nine stones in orbit spin
Destiny unknown.

In the night within your eyes
Where blackness tells no lie
A hand was seen to soar
As it tell down from the sky.
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It's only been an hour
Since he locked her in the tower
The time has come
He must be undone
By the morning

Many times before
The tyrant's opened up the door
Then someone cries
Still we close our eyes
Not again

Meet me when the sun is in the Western skies
The fighting must begin before another someone dies
Crossbows in the fire light
Green sleeves waving
Madmen raving
Through the shattered night

Flames are getting higher
Make it leap unto the spire
Draw bridge down
Cut it to the ground
We shall dance around the fire

No more night
We have seen the light
Let it shine on bright
Hang him higher