Ritchie Blackmore
including Rainbow
and Blackmore's Night

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1975 Rainbow:
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
1976 Rainbow:
1977 Rainbow:
On Stage (live)
1978 Rainbow:
Long Live Rock'n'Roll
1979 Rainbow:
Down To Earth
1981 Rainbow:
Difficult To Cure
1981 Rainbow:
The Best Of Rainbow (collection, 2 CDs)
1982 Rainbow:
Straight Between The Eyes
1983 Rainbow:
Bent Out Of Shape
1986 Rainbow:
Finyl Vinyl (collection)
1989 Ritchie Blackmore Volume One (collection)
Live In Germany 1976 / Live In Europe (live, 2 CDs)
1991 Ritchie Blackmore Volume Two (collection)
1994 Take It! Sessions 63/68 (collection)
1994 Rainbow Family Album (collection)
1995 Rainbow:
Stranger In Us All
1997 Blackmore's Night:
Shadow Of The Moon
1997 Rainbow:
The Very Best Of Rainbow (collection)
1999 Blackmore's Night:
Under A Violet Moon

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