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(Kurt Cobain)
Use just once and destroy
Invasion of our piracy
Afterbirth of a nation
Starve without your skeleton key

I love you for what I am not
I do not want what I have got
A blanket acne'ed with ciggarette burns
Speak at once while taking turns
Second-rate third defree burns
What is wrong with me
What is what I need
What do I think I think
This had nothing to do with what you think
If you ever think at all
Bi-polar opposites attract
All of a sudden my water broke
hate, hate your enemies
Save, save your friends
Find, find your place
Speak, speak the truth
song list Nirvana: Letter S previous song Nirvana: In Utero Rape Me
(Kurt Cobain)
Rape me, my friend
Rape me again

I'm not the only one
Do it and do it Again

Waste me
Taste me, my friend

My favorite inside source
I'll kiss your open sores
Appreciate your concern
You'll always stink and burn