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(Curt Kirkwood)
Where do bad folks go when they die?
They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
They go down to the lake of fire and fry
Won't see them again till the fourth of July

I knew a lady who came from Duluth
She got bit by a dog with a rabid tooth
She went to her grave just a little too soon
And she flew away howling on the yellow moon

Now the people cry and the people moan
And they look for a dry place to call their home
And try to find some place to rest their bones
While the angels and the devils
Fight to claim them for their own
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(Kurt Cobain)
I'm so happy because today
I've found my friends...
They're in my head
I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you...
We've broken our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care...
And I'm not scared
Light my candles in a daze...
'Cause I've found God-hey, hey, hey

I'm so happy because today I shaved my head...
And I'm not sad
And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard...
But I'm not sure
I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you there...
But I don't care
I'm so horny, but that's okay...
My will is good-hey, hey, hey
song list next song previous song Nirvana: Nevermind Lounge Act
(Kurt Cobain)
Truth covered in security
I can't let you smother me
I'd like to but it wouldn't work
Trading off and taking turns
I don't regret a thing
And I've got this friend, you see
Who makes me feel and I
Wanted more than I could steal
I'll arrest myself, I'll wear a shield
I'll go out of my way to prove I still
Smell her on you

Don't tell me what I want to hear
Afraid of never knowing fear
Experience anything you need
I'll keep fighting jealousy
Until it's fucking gone

I'll go out of my way to make you a deal
We've make a pact to learn from who
Ever we want without new rules
We'll share whats lost and what we grew
They'll go out of their way
To prove they still
Smell her on you
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(Robby van Leeuwen)
Would you believe me when I tell you
You are the queen of my heart
Please don't deceive me when I hurt you
Just ain't the way it seems

Can you feel my love buzz