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March 21, 2000
Page about Camel added
Page about ZZ Top added
New Deep Purple album: Shades Of Deep Purple (re-release 2000)
New Deep Purple album: The Book Of Taliesyn (re-release 2000)
New Deep Purple album: Deep Purple (re-release 2000)
New Deep Purple live album: Total Abandon - Live In Australia '99 (1999)
New Deep Purple live album: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2000)
New Dream Theater album: Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory (1999)
New Dream Theater EP: Through Her Eyes (2000)
New King Crimson live album: The ProjeKcts (1999)
New King Crimson live collection: Deception Of The Thrush: A Beginners' Guide To ProjeKcts (1999)
New King Crimson album: The VROOOM Sessions (1999)
New King Crimson live album: Live At Summit Studios 1972 (2000)
New Led Zeppelin collection: Early Days - The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One (1999)
New Led Zeppelin collection: Latter Days - The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume Two (2000)
New ProjeKct Two album: Space Groove (1998)
New ProjeKct Four live album: Live In San Francisco (The Roar Of P4) (1999)
New Queen collection: Greatest Hits III (1999)
New Vangelis collection: Reprise 1990-1999 (1999)
New Yes live album: The Ladder (limited edition bonus disc) (2000)

September 28, 1999
Page about Dream Theater added
Page about Liquid Tension Experiment added
Page about Spin Doctors added
Page about UK added
New King Crimson live album: On Broadway (1999)
New King Crimson live album: Live In Mexico City 1996 (1999)
New Sting live album: Acoustic Live In Newcastle (1991)
New Sting album: Brand New Day (1999)
New Albert King / Stevie Ray Vaughan live album: In Session (1999)

August 9, 1999
Page about Budgie added
Page about U2 added
New John Paul Jones album: Zooma (1999)
New Yes album: The Ladder (1999)
New Queen collection: Crown Jewels (1998)
New King Crimson collection: the first three (1993)
More enlargable cover images, eg. Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Police, Roger Waters, Yes

June 22, 1999
Page about Peter Gabriel added
New Blackmore's Night album: Under A Violet Moon (1999)
New King Crimson album: Cirkus - The Young Persons' Guide to King Crimson Live (1999)
New King Crimson album: Live at Cap d'Agde, 1982 (1999)
New Yes collection: Yes Solo Family Album (1993)
Green Pages have a new feature: some cover images could be enlarged! Try to click on the cover image to do it. The first albums having this feature are: The Best Of South America (Jon Anderson), Live At Wembley '86 (Queen), The Best Of Rainbow (Rainbow), Shadow Of The Moon and Under A Violet Moon (Blackmore's Night), Yessongs (Yes).
Several minor updates to other pages.
Now Green Pages available at following addresses

April 20, 1999
The first birthday of Green Pages was on April 10th
Page about Emerson, Lake & Palmer added
Page about John Paul Jones added
Page about Jimmy Page added
Page about Robert Plant added
Page about Stevie Ray Vaughan added
The Sting EP, Compact Hits added (1988)
The Sting album, The Living Sea added (1995)
The King Crimson album, The Beat Club, Bremen 1972 added (1999)
Lyrics to Rainbow album, Stranger In Us All added
Some lyrics to Jon Anderson, Deep Purple, The Police and Sting songs added
New icon indicates now songs without known lyrics, while points songs that I couldn't say if they are instrumental or they have any lyrics.
Page containing complete history of Green Pages added

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