King Crimson

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Discipline Records
June 24, 1996

Robert Fripp - guitar, soundscapes
Adrian Belew - guitar
Trey Gunn - Warr guitar
Tony Levin - NS electric upright bass
Pat Mastelotto - acoustic percussion, electronic percussion
Bill Brufford - acoustic percussion, electronic percussion, marimba

1 King Crimson: 1996 Live In Mexico City King Crimson: On Broadway King Crimson: Cirkus - The Young Persons' Guide to King Crimson Live King Crimson: deja VROOOM King Crimson: B'Boom King Crimson: THRAK King Crimson: Vrooom THRAK No lyrics (King Crimson) 2:20
2 King Crimson: On Broadway Fearless And Highly THRaKked No lyrics (King Crimson) 6:36
3 Mother Hold The Candle Steady While I Shave The Chicken's Lip No lyrics (King Crimson) 11:19
4 THRaKaTTaK Part I No lyrics (King Crimson) 3:42
5 The Slaughter Of The Innocents No lyrics (King Crimson) 8:04
6 This Night Wounds Time No lyrics (King Crimson) 11:16
7 THRaKaTTaK Part II No lyrics (King Crimson) 11:08
8 THRAK reprise No lyrics (King Crimson) 2:52