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(Jon Anderson)
Thou art mother, thou art father,
thou art friend and companion
Thou art knowledge and wealth,
thou art all in all
Lead us from the unreal to the real
Lead us form ignorance to light
lead us from death to immortality
Manifest through and through
Protect us with your sweet benign presence
We offer this meditation,
body, mind
and spirit
Past, present and future to be
for thou art all in all
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(Jon Anderson)
I have seen the trouble brewing
Seems the final curtain
Isn't very far away
After all we've all been waiting
For a testimony all abput
The Judgement day --

'Cept for reasons known for certain
How Judicial Judgement
Could foresee the final blow
All I know it's getting closer
Half expected I have waited
Now I fell I've really got to go

Soon the colours will be flying
Marching off to glory we become
A festive game

All in all a magic person
Pulling up the curtain
On the very Judegement day
Poison pressures what I'm saying
Will the spoils be war
Reaching the everlasting way
Born to listen to the cheering

Gee he knows just how you want to drive
Riding high fingers to the sky
Reaching out we spend our very day
giving it away, giving it away

Master did you hear children sing
Sounds just like they heard the real thing
Master did you make some other plan
Lets go sub-divide hand in hand
Let it be good
Let it be real good
Brother Sister
Give it a reason
A reason for loving
Reason for wanting
Let it be good
Let it be good
good good
Gotta be good
good good
Let it be good
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(Jon Anderson)
Countdown... Countdown
Countdown... Countdown... 2002

Take it in... Forgiveness
Let it out... Love is all
Dance it... in a dream
Dance it... in a circle... get ready
Your heart is your guide

Countdown... Countdown
Countdown... Countdown... 2002

Be the love... in your heart
Be the dance... in your soul
Looking good... being strong
Forgiveness... Forgiving

Countdown... can you get it
Countdown... coming to you
Countdown... get ready
Countdown...  2002... coming to you

Dance the circle... Dance the dream
Love is all... Love is everything
Give your heart... Give your soul
This the time... Work it out
Countdown...  Countdown
Countdown... Countdown... 2002

Countdown... Countdown
Keep it up
Countdown... Countdown... 2002

Love is All...  Love is Everything
Give your Heart...  Give your Soul
This the Time... Work it out
Love Yourself... Children Sing

Countdown...  Countdown
Countdown...  Countdown...  2002