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(Dream Theater)
Watching my window I was led like a child
As the roadway lamplights
misguided my mind through the night
a shadow of limits
We were racing the rain
my hands held the wheel
My eyes tried to hold their place

  there must have been a time
  when I thought that you were watching
  It had to be when my senses lost control
  I thought I'd slipped away
  I thought I could still feel us moving
  It must have been a cloud
  no bigger than a man's hand

Every reason I risk my life
To come back to you
Is locked behind your door
You're my immunity
Outside I watched you burn
Heavy hearts were bleeding
A cry for help, a familiar voice
My melting hands streaked the glass

  As I walked away
  I wondered what had really happened
  had I run out of time
  did I push myself to far
  As my last step fell
  I felt my hands upon the wheel
  had I come back to life
  or did I ever leave at all
  In higher lives
  We seem to be
  always a moment too late
  We're past the time
  when we looked on
  Now we're
  this time for real
  I locked the door behind me
  My mind was still a wreck
  from what I saw
  For when my hands are still
  I'll recognize the message
  never again will my senses lose control
  In higher lives
  We seem to be
  Always a moment too late
  We're past the time
  when we looked on
  Now we're
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(Dream Theater)
A suited man smiled said:
"It's just a matter of time
You can have the world at your feet by tomorrow
just sign on this line."
Hold tight...limelight!
Approaching the paramount
with the sun in our eyes
fearing family ties, legalies, compromise

In a dimly lit room with a stool as his stage
a dream-stricken prince of a pauper's descent
haunts the eavesdropping silence
that presses his window
as he sweats a performance
to an audience that ticks on the walls

To the practical observer
It's just a matter of time
"You can deviate from the commonplace
only to fall back in line."
I understand mine's a risky plan
and your system can't miss
But is security after all a cause or symptom of happiness?

Brave, yet afraid, his eyes on horizon
in a steady-set gaze
a mariner soon from an open cocoon
takes a moment to summon his courage
to stifle his grave apprehension and
trembling, approaches the surf
A father's benediction as his hopeful son departs
to brave the sea of rage and conquer at all costs

lingers in his memory
and visions still surviving in a logic-proof shell
that should have been held sacred, safe and hidden well
are compromised in usury
with every rising sun that yields no sight of land
the hesitation cultivates within the tired man
and rumors spread of mutiny
and though the time will come when dream and day unite
tonight the only consolation causing him to fight
in fearless faith in destiny

Even when plan fall to pieces
I can still find the courage
with promise I've found in my faith

Likely or not, it's a dream that we keep
and at odds with our senses we'll climb
But if faith is the answer, we've already reached it
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(Dream Theater)
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