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1971 Budgie
1972 Squawk
1973 Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
1974 In For The Kill
1975 Bandolier
1976 The Best Of Budgie (collection)
1976 If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules
1978 Impeckable
1980 If I Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting (EP)
1980 Power Supply
1981 Nightflight
1982 Deliver Us From Evil
1996 An Ecstasy Of Fumbing - The Definitive Anthology (collection, 2CDs)
1997 We Came, We Saw... (live collection, 2CDs)
1998 The Best Of Budgie (collection)
1998 Heavier Than Air - Rarest Eggs (live collection, 2CDs)

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